[INTERVIEW] The daily thoughts of a Social Media Manager

So then Social Media managers, what exactly do you think about on a daily basis? We interviewed a number of them to find out what goes on in their heads.

Kinga Odziemek

I have a few projects in the field of social media, what you need to be aware of is that once you get into it you’ll never be fully offline. You may be worried during the weekend, flight, holidays if everything goes right. It is still worth it.
One of the greatest things is to actually see that your activities bring about some effect, that you have some impact. There are not that many satisfying things as observing sales growth for shop online you work for.
It is more difficult and more complicated that people think it is. Some of my friends used to think that all I’m doing is scrolling Facebook and getting paid for this.

Then I show them the “magic” and the answer of 99% of them is:

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Jov Santos

About the role:

Getting paid to lurk around in social media. Wow.

Actually influencing popular culture. Wow.

Constantly looking for and seeing cool stuff from creators. Wow.

Day to day:

Curate. Curate. Curate from the community. Comment and Like with the rest of the community.

Create, Test, Measure, Iterate, on own content.

Read, a lot.

Follow up with community managers, content creators and editors.


What if nobody clicks our stuff?

How do you scale “interesting” and make it sustainable?

What else can we do to maintain presence from here to there(in the customer journey).

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Ekaterina Skavish

I believe social media managers, are well aware of growing role of SM in general marketing and digital marketing in particular.

Many aspects of digital marketing heavily depends on SM:

  • Brand awareness and reputation,
  • Lead generation,
  • Content distribution,
  • Deals promotion.

Not to mention customer support and communication!

It is a great time to be in the industry and a lot of challenge too. We need to read about new trends, try new software and learn new tricks to stay on front edge, which is not an easy task given how fast technology evolves this days!

On a day to day basis, there is a lot of ways to stay informed and to keep your subscribers engaged, and interested, as well as ways to increase ROI .

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Randy Berg

The worst thing is that social media is difficult to understand and to measure success or failure.

Sure, you might get more “likes” or visitors but the bottom line with any business is ROI… and that is very tough with social media.

Is it worth it?

Has to be almost taken on an individual, case by case basis.

Everyone wants to “go viral” and get noticed…

Very few people ever even accomplish that.

Curate, make content, get noticed…

Unless it contributes to ROI and the bottom line, what good is it UNLESS you are simply trying to develop and amplify a brand. And most of us are not at that point yet.

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Nancy Collins

That it’s our job so we better do it right? lol But more seriously, every morning before I start tackling my inbox I quickly check the major industry trends to see if anything new changed over night. From there I make sure all of my pages are up and running properly. Next I tackle my inbox and make my task list for the day. Finally, I respond to any social media messages, posts, etc.

Every quarter I set my goals and then at the end of each month I review my progress. At that time I also map out my posts for the following month (yes, posts are planned a month in advance for the most part). I decide what my message is for each platform and prepare what specifically I’m going to post to each. Then, every Friday I review my plan for the upcoming week and make sure it’s still relevant, make any changes to the plan as needed and finalize any outstanding drafts. All of this is tracked in spreadsheets and hosted on my internal server.

On a more personal “inside my head” thought…every day I get more and more surprised at just how ill-informed people are for the amount of opinion they put out on social media. But again, that’s just me.

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Sammy Gutierrez

What I think is to prepare my self, educate my self , learn something new every day to be more effective to my customers.

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Final Thoughts

We loved doing this interview and it’s great to see what social media managers think about, including daily concerns. I personally think the test and learn approach is the way to go, along with staying on top of industry news and trends. Ultimately it all boils down to who you are targeting and how you can

We’d love to know what you think about on a daily basis when managing your social profiles. Leave a comment below.

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Hitesh Mistry, Founder of SwiftlySocial

My vision is to make Social Media mangers lives easier when looking after their social presence.

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